Random Wednesday


I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I don’t feel I have anything interesting to say! =o)

So, I decided it’s time for another random post.

1. Andrew and I have been cooking for ourselves on Sundays for the last few weeks. That has been so much fun! This also means that the last couple of weeks with Andrew gone on R&R, I have been the sole chef on those Sundays. This was a bit intimidating but SO much fun. Cooking here is a bit like going back to Little House on the Prairie days. It’s really fun to experiment and try new ways of making favorites or new dishes altogether. Granted, I think I’d probably lose it if I had to do this everyday but once a week is novel and fun! =o)

2. Speaking of Andrew being on R&R. He’s now an engaged man! I’m so excited for him and his new fiance.

3. Another small world story: I went down the road to a small shop for some supplies for my Sunday meal. On the way back, this lady started talking to me. My standard response to this sort of thing is to be friendly but not really stop walking. Most of the time when a random person here strikes up a conversation its so they can ask for money. So I just don’t really give them the chance. However, there was something different about the way she was conversing with me that made me stop and really chat. She said she was actually a visitor from the states. “Oh, really, where are you from?” “I’m from Kansas City, Missouri.” At which point my jaw dropped onto the dusty road and I said I’m from the KC area. We talked a bit about the hot weather here and the unseasonably hot weather in KC. She was here because her husband is from the area and his mother died. I’m hoping I can connect with her again before they leave in April. How CRAZY is that!!!!?!?! I’m telling you, this world gets smaller and smaller with each passing day!

4. I really hate when Kaya is gone. However, it MAKES me become more self-sufficient and that is a good feeling. I’m still glad when he comes back! =o)

5. I’m starting to seriously freak out about what I will do when I get back to the states. I have some ideas but NOTHING solid by any stretch of the imagination. I also don’t really want to be thinking about it, yet. It keeps me from focusing on the here and now. So, every time I start stressing about something I can’t really do anything about anyway, I look around me and try to imprint these images on my memory. I stop and look at Harmony and giggle with her. (of course this usually makes me sad as I think about not seeing my baby everyday!) All this to say, I’m hoping to take this place with me but also this mindset. Don’t focus on the stuff that God has to handle but focus on what He’s already done for/given to you. This is not new information but it’s been very helpful to me the last couple of weeks. However, I’m not promising this will keep you from being weepy. Just sayin.

6. I really love this place.



I can’t believe another Monday has come! But here it is. Once again, having a difficult time pulling thoughts together for a proper post. So random it is!

1. I have discovered that sitting around with Bari hymnals and learning to sing the songs is about my favorite way to spend an afternoon. Suzan Poni and Annet like teaching me and I love learning.

2. Having GOOD internet is a blessing. Pretty much since I’ve been here, the internet available has been sketchy, at best. But we have a new modem at home that is giving us great internet. Andrew and I can skype home at the same time and still not have trouble. This is SO wonderful. I’m able to skype America when it’s convenient for both of us. Great!

3. I’m actually starting to get really nervous about going home. I’m excited my time is drawing near and VERY sad every time I think about it. This is home, too. I can’t imagine the possibility of not seeing it again. Also, I’m freaking a bit about what I will do when I get back to America. I will sort of need to, you know, find a job!

4. Also, I probably will never see my new brother again. So weird to think that Andrew, who I eat most of my meals with and discuss the state of the world and how we could fix everything, and I will probably not really ever be in the same place again until heaven. So bizarre!

5. It’s HOT! And I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning. Ya’ll complaining about snow, you. don’t. know! Enjoy it for me and maybe package a bit up for me to enjoy when I come home.  =o)

6. How is it that even living thousands of miles from home, doing something that has been called “brave” by some people, and having stepped COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone, do I still feel like I am living a small life? I’ve been wondering lately if that’s how other missionaries sometimes feel. (still have a hard time calling myself a missionary) Did Hudson Taylor feel that way? Helen Roseveare?

7. There are still several days out of every week that I look around and say “what am I doing? how did I get here? why am I the lucky one that gets to do this? This is stinking AFRICA!”

8. What is going on with y’all? I feel like I’ve been able to keep up relatively well with what is going on in the world, at large. I heard about Whitney, etc. However, I don’t know what’s going on with you. I want to know. Feel free to email me, FB me, tell my family and they’ll pass it along, or however you want to communicate. I’d love to hear from you.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll try to do better about posting now that we have internet at home (but don’t count on it since I’m a slacker)  =o)

Random Monday


Time for another random post. I have been away from ALL forms of communication for 2 weeks. So, let me try to fill you in a bit.

1. Another CEF experience and now I’m more than sure I will be doing more training when I get home and be involved in CEF in some way.

2. One week + 24 teens + training to do 5-day clubs = 900 children reached and more than 400 children putting their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. AMAZING!

3. There’s a team here for all of about 3 days but it’s still nice to have convos with other Americans. (Some of these have been DEEP but edifying)

4. I met many CEF volunteers and workers from Uganda at this training and I am continually amazed at how God can use others to enrich and grow your life. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to writing my post on the subculture of missionaries in Africa but it’s so great to meet and have an instant connection with other missionaries whether they are from other continents or are people from different African countries. I see more and more each day how Christ and His work transcends culture and language. Beautiful…

5. It seems weird that even in South Sudan, it was refreshing to have a couple weeks of being unplugged. Golly, I’m such a techie! I can’t leave it, even here. So a couple weeks of no computer or phone, just worship and growth. Nice

6. JARED! It was so good to see Jared Chasteen and Brian Bain even if it was for about 3 seconds. Brian is a new brother met through e3 and Jared is a long time brother from KC. SO good to see him and pics of his family. YAY!

7. Have I mentioned before how nice it is to have handwritten note? There were notes in my packages and Jared brought a stack of notes from home. I LOVE email and Skype. It’s so great to have instant connection with family and friends. HOWEVER, there is just something about seeing their handwriting. Even if the note doesn’t say a lot, just to see that handwriting….it’s like seeing the person’s heart. Having that with you and being able to re-read…priceless. I am trying to constantly remind myself that when I get home, I will invest more time in handwriting notes to others; especially if they are far from home. It’s truly a treasure.

8. Whenever I teach on Philippians (which I did with the teens this week) I always feel I am passing on a bit of John Crawford. I also cannot teach without giving background on it. It is such a pleasure and a humbling experience to watch lightbulbs go on in someone’s mind when you explain what being of one mind means and sharing the need to be a unified front. John, 24 teens and 18 adults now understand a smidge more about Paul’s letter to the Philippians because of you. Pretty cool, eh?

9. I’m still constantly reminded of my mom when worshipping with the Sudanese. There are so many songs they sing. Old hymns or praise songs that make me think of her singing away while sewing or singing with me while driving to Topeka. They have many of their own songs in Kuku but they also sing things like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the morning… or Showers of Blessing or many others like that. I love you, mama and I love that you filled my childhood with music about our God!

Prayer requests:

1. Keep praying as I switch gears. 1) I’m going to start some weekly children’s clubs. 2) I will be meeting with a church that is near once a week and try to invest in a teacher that can teach children but also other teachers. 3) This is the thing I’m most worried I will fail completely. However, Doris (seed-effect worker) and I are going to start a once a week “chat” with girls 14-18 about life issues. I’m excited but SO nervous. I’m hoping that God can use me in this way to help guide girls that will in turn be guiding a family one day. Boy that’s a lot of pressure. Good thing our God is BIG!

2. Pray for Johnson, my translator. He’s pretty awesome and has a great vision for this ministry. He has already been revisiting the churches we’ve been to, in order to check on them and encourage them. He has a been given a broken motorbike by his father. So pray also that we are able to find the money to get it fixed. This is SUCH an answer to prayer!

3. OMG! I’m down to four months! Pray that I use my time wisely and listen to God and His plan for this time. HOLY COW!!!!

Happy New Year!!!


Never in all my wildest dreams did I think that one day:

1. I would celebrate the New Year in the middle of Africa.

2. I would be learning another new African language (sort of).

3. I would get so used to seeing the Nile river everyday that it lost it’s specialness.

4. Some of my best friends and adopted family would be in South Sudan (or because of South Sudan).

5. I would learn (a little bit) to be comfortable in my own skin because of life in a foreign country. (still not completely there but, ya know….)

These are things I was contemplating on the eve of a new year. So far, holidays and special occasions have passed relatively uneventfully. But that’s ok. It helps me not miss my family too much but still enjoy the holidays. New Year’s eve was no exception. There were no fireworks, no confetti (although they are burning fields right now so we considered the fires in the distance and the ashes falling from the sky our fireworks and confetti), there were no noise makers or shouts of “Happy New Year!” We went to bed pretty early and celebrated by sleeping. However, that evening I was sitting there with old friends, new friends, and my Sudanese dad and thinking, once again, how did I get here? Steve Grote and Dan Kim had come from America. Kaya and I picked them in Juba and headed to Nimule for a week of checking on churches, meeting with pastors and encouraging Tolbert. Dan was there to check on the progress of the Seed Effect office in Nimule. Sadly, it’s taking much longer to get set up than they’d hoped but some progress was made.

All week, Steve, Kaya and I visited churches in the Nimule area. All you Nimule peeps, let me tell you, those churches are growing wider AND deeper. You should be proud of the seeds you planted! It was so exciting to see the changes that just 5 months can bring.  All the churches have plans to build a building, there were many people (including MEN) and each of the churches has a good pastor, a strong deacon and usually a choir leader, a women’s leader, a youth leader, and a sunday school leader. Can you imagine? These little baby churches are quickly becoming mature and already thinking about planting another church. I will say, this is a testament to God but also to Tolbert. He is pretty much amazing! He has been working SO hard to build into the pastors and train other leaders. I cannot tell you how encouraging it was to see the changes.

BTW: We stayed in Paling which is up by Loa and Pagere. So we were in tents (MUCH COOLER THAN SLOPEY CITY) and drove down the mountain everyday. Hence, seeing the Nile at least twice a day. Totally old hat, now!

I can’t believe that my time here is half over. I feel as though there is so much left to do and I’m not sure how it will get done! I would be worried anyway but now there is an extra hurdle. There is no diesel. None. Not one drop anywhere in Kajo Keji county. Even in Nimule, there was only one place with diesel so Kaya topped off everyday just in case they ran out. This means that going out into the field is cancelled for the time being. Steve and I brainstormed about new possibilities. I think we came up with some great ideas and things that I’m really excited about. I’ll let you know more about these as they get a bit more fleshed out but please be praying about this new direction. God knew this would happen. He knew that I would be forced in a new direction and has been guiding this ministry. Pray that I rely on Him and follow His lead so that this new venture will be as successful as it can be in Him.

What a crazy ride!

Kampala, baby!


I know. You’ve been on the edge of your seat. What has happened to Rebecca? How is her Kampala trip going? You haven’t been able to eat or sleep for worry about me. I knew it! =o)

I cannot even tell you how differently than expected and WONDERFUL this trip has turned out to be!

I drove down with some of the Seed Effect team and hung out with them for my first couple of days. Nice hotel RIGHT downtown, as in, I wouldn’t leave the place by myself! Still worried about what I would do without the guys but getting more ok.

Then, God smiled down on me when they decided that Bulton, the Seed Effect IT guy and Kampala native, would stay to do some things. He was more than willing to show me around town. YAY! A friend! Bulton had been complaining of pain for a couple of days. He said it was because of the bumpy ride and a surgery he’d had a few years ago. Kinda gives him pain every once in a while.  He decided to make a doc appt while he’s here. I checked into a different hotel since the guys were leaving and then we hung around the mall just checking it out and eating GOOD food. (really, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. This trip is mostly about the food for me!) Bulton’s doctor appt was late in the afternoon so I went back to the hotel and internet. I have to say that the hotel I stayed at for the rest of the trip is amazing and fun. I met some great people that first night that have become friends.

The next day, Friday, Bulton and I were going to go somewhere but hadn’t decided what. I didn’t hear from him but didn’t really mind because my stomach had been rebelling a bit from the good food. So I just hung around the hotel knitting, surfing the interwebs and watching The Office. 😉 By the end of the day I was getting a bit worried and thought I should call him when suddenly he called me. Bad news from doc. Bulton has appendicitis! So I ask if he’s at the hospital (selfishly thinking “how am I going to navigate a hospital here, to visit him?”) No, the doc just gave him some tablets until he can get back here. I do not understand Africa sometimes! I tell him he needs to rest and not to worry about me. I’ll just do sightseeing on my own like I originally thought. I’m a big girl, right? I can handle that, right? (note my own skepticism)

However, once again, God had other serendipitous plans. The friends I had made the first night invited me to church on Sunday with them. SO thankful! But still not sure what to do Saturday. The next morning, one of them mentioned church again and specified what time then said they’d be going to the craft market (one I’ve been to on past trips) and 1,000 Cups (amazing coffee place) if I’d like to go with them. Wonderful! They are two families adopting Ugandan little girls. I have so enjoyed getting to know them and their girls (who are, of course, adorable and helping me not to miss my Harmony quite as much).  I have been SO thankful for these people! They’ve just taken me under their wing and shown me the ropes of Kampala. I would have probably chickened out and stayed at the hotel the whole time without them!

So, off we went on my first boda ride which was not NEARLY as frightening as I thought it would be. However, I still haven’t been in just CRAZY traffic which makes a difference. I figured if they could get on the back of one of those motorbikes with a baby strapped to them, I could handle riding by myself! We had a nice time kicking around the craft market then, we hit 1,000 Cups and I bought some coffee grounds to take home to South Sudan with me. (YAYAYAYAY!!!)

The next day, the plan was to go to church at 2:00 pm. So, we just puttered around the hotel playing with the girls and chatting about their families, etc. Then, off we went to church. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this church, however I def wasn’t expecting it to feel like North Point or some other mega church. Very Hillsongy music and the pastor used an iPad for his notes and Bible. Unreal! However, it was a great service and nice to sit through and be fed instead of running off with the kids.

After church, we stopped at Nakumatt mall and grabbed pizza (wonderful) then, they went to get some coffee while I stopped to pick up some shoes I’d seen the other day with Bulton. (7 buck fake Chuck Taylors that I couldn’t pass up) Seriously, once a shopper, always a shopper!

Which brings us to today. The families had important adoption appointments all day so I knew I’d be on my own. But now I feel empowered. I can do this thang! =o) I knew I wanted to go back to Nakumatt to get food (thinking it was just a grocery store) So, I walked out to the main road, motioned to a boda, haggled my price and off we went! Got to the mall in one piece and discovered that Nakumatt is actually like a Super-Walmart, yo! How amazing is that!?!?! So, I wandered soaking in the glory! Then, started piling things in my basket (trying to keep in mind that I only have 33 lbs for my flight back!). But I’m just telling you there are many snacks (including Ferrero Rocher) that are flying back with me. If I have to leave clothes or my laptop, those are coming with! =o) As I was finishing my wandering I heard my name being called. The families had stopped there to pick up some things between appointments. So, we checked out and headed to the coffee shop. I heard how things had gone and played with the babies then, we headed back to the hotel. They had more appointments and I had an appointment of my own with a steak! So, they went off and I found a boda and went to the fanciest restaurant I’d been to in a LONG time even back in America. GOOD steak and mashed potatoes and a Pear Alvaro which is the best soda in the world. I was by myself in a fancy restaurant and I was totally ok!

God is good, isn’t He? He has taken such good care of me even in my unbelief and fear. He provides at the time of our need and gives us the courage we need to do even silly things!

I’m headed home to Kajo Keji tomorrow on MAF and actually a little sad to go (which I NEVER thought would be the case) but so thankful for this time and these new friends! It will be good to be home.

Don’t worry, I’ll call (post) to let y’all know I got home safely.

Random Tuesday


Having another random day.

1. I think I’m driving people around here crazy because my brain just can’t stay on one subject very long! I call it spaghetti brain. You know that book “Men are like waffles, Women are like spaghetti?” It totally explains my lack of the ability to stay on one subject. I’m tired lately and so I can’t keep my mouth from following my thoughts. Needless to say, I jump from subject to subject.

2. Last time I mentioned that I LOVE that I can download music from Amazon. I ALSO love that I can download movies on iTunes. It’s expensive-ish (to someone used to being able to stream whatever I want for $7 a month) but still, I’ve splurged on a couple of movies that are faves so I know I’ll watch them enough times to be worth the money.

3. I would just like to say that Bill Shiflett is a LIAR! There ARE printers here and guess who gets to use them?!?! I blame Guillermo!  =o) (Ok, not really but thought my blog needed something controversial to up the numbers. Trying to do things like a TV network)

4. Pray for my family, if you think about it. There has been a lot of sickness and hospitalizations lately. Also, just turmoil and difficulties. So, if they come to mind, pray for them.

5. Have I told you that we’ve taught Alice to make a couple of American dishes? It’s kinda funny but it’s really nice to have home-like food every once in a while.

6. I think I should be getting all sorts of extra credit points for the amount of spiders there have been lately and my lack of running/screaming/looking for a boy to kill them for me. I have been rather “live and let live” with them. (I don’t know what the extra credit points go toward but they should be stored up somewhere)  =o)

7. What is the deal with people getting engaged and married while I’m gone? I veto that and posit that everyone should wait until I am home. (not really because that is just selfish and mean but I’m just sayin)

I’ve put more pics up on FB the last few days so feel free to stop by and check them out.

That’s all I have for today. But know that I’ve been really thinking about you lately. Believe me, whoever you are, I’ve been thinking about you (like I said, my brain had been ALL over the place) and I miss you. Feel free to email me or FB me to update me on your life. I want to hear all about it! =o)


Random Monday


Here’s another post about any and everything. Can’t quite pull my thoughts together for a proper post, today.

1. Let me tell you, I should have brought a LOT more yarn. I have been screaming through my knitting. (I have a lot of down time) I brought (what I thought) was a lot of yarn for specifically long projects. Things that would take a lot of time…..not so much. I’ve finished two shawls, countless washcloths and am starting my third shawl. Luckily:

2. There has been a team here this week. As I’ve said before, I LOVE it when there are teams here. I think I appreciate this one more than ever before since it has been so long since there has been a team here. Talking about movies and music and random things that Andrew and I are missing while here has been fun.

3. The new Switchfoot is awesome! Of course, I am one of the crazy people that have loved them from the beginning and they could sing names out of a phone book and I’d probably love it! =o) Being able to download music here is GREAT! I splurged on Switchfoot but have been downloading free music from Amazon like a boss.

4. Dry season is on its way but I’m SO thankful it’s not here, yet. It can get pretty hot during the day but it is still cool at night. And even during the day, there is usually a nice breeze that keeps if from being ridiculously hot. YAY!

5. Can I just tell you that Skype and modern technology is amazing! I cannot imagine what it must have been like for missionaries/soldiers/exchange students, etc before the internet. Being able to regularly communicate with your family is pretty much a lifesaver. Skype, I love you more’n my luggage! =o)  (name that movie)

6. Also, being able to keep up on current events and even silly things like my favorite blogs and such. priceless.

7. For those of you who didn’t see it on my Facebook, I’d like to share a (new to me) music group. The Wailin Jenny’s. Andrew (one of the other gelletats) is who got me obsessed with them. Especially this song. I could (and do) listen to it jillions of times in a row. It such a great throwback to when we were EXCITED about heaven. I think we’ve lost that as American Christians, which makes me sad. (plus, how can you not love their harmonies? Amazing!)

8. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been thrown back to the 70’s. I’ll have to remember to take pics sometime to illustrate. However, the way the men dress here, so deliciously 70’s. The slacks, the dress shoes, the colors, the HATS, Oh how I love the hats! I’ve failed Justin from the Nehemiah team. I promised I would start a blog about the hats of South Sudan but my phone got run over by a land cruiser putting a severe dent in my picture taking. Suffice it to say, that accessories here are AWESOME! And I will try to do better to show them to you.

9. I feel like I should have ten things but I believe I’ve run out……

I hope things are going well stateside. I miss y’all but I do love it here. I wish we all could be in both places. The world is small but sadly, not that small, yet. =o)



So, a few weeks ago, Kaya told Johnson and I that we would need to take a week off so Johnson could help translate for a Sunday school teacher conference. No problem, right? So, we let the churches know we were going to be skipping these days and I didn’t really think anything else about it until the weekend before. I finally asked Kaya if I needed to have anything prepared for this conference or if I needed to attend. He said he really thought I should attend. Again, no problem.

So I show up on Monday morning having no idea what to expect.

It was proper CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) training! As in, we learned all about Good News Clubs and the wordless book, etc. We also had to present several things and were evaluated on them so eventually we could get a certificate. Crazy, right?


So, there are several instructors from Uganda and the Director of Education for CEF for the Central and East Africa region. She is from Nairobi, Kenya. She found me very curious and asked me one day at lunch what I was doing here so far from home. So, I explained what I was doing and about e3, etc. I told her my funny story about not knowing I was coming to legit CEF training. She asked me where I was from. I said, Kansas (prepared with my standard African spiel about where Kansas is in the US). “Really, where in Kansas?” I’m thinking this crazy lady from Kenya is just trying to make conversation and has NO idea about Kansas, but whatevs. I tell her Kansas City. “Where at in Kansas City?” Now I’m curious. How does she know KC? So I say I’m from the Lenexa area. She says, “Oh, that’s interesting. I went to Bible college in KC and so I know the area a little.” Come to find out, she went to Calvary! Crazy!


She says that one of her best friends lives in KC. She was visiting there in July and her friend had her come talk to the kids at her church. It’s in the Lenexa area. It was Lenexa Baptist Church! HOLY COW!!! This CEF director from Kenya was speaking to my kids in America while I was here in South Sudan!

The world is small, isn’t it? And our God’s family is everywhere! =o) I love it!

Small Town


This makes me giggle a little every time I notice what I’m doing so I thought I’d share. This area is TOTALLY like a small town. Everyone knows everyone else’s business (and usually where everyone is at any given moment), you don’t drive down the road without waving at everyone (or else you are considered a snob) and you notice (and recognize) every vehicle that passes by. (can I get an whoop-whoop from the Troy-ites?) I was just sitting here surfing the net like any self-respecting American and heard an engine. So, what do I do? I don’t completely tune it out like I would in KC; no I stop what I’m doing and stare out the window trying to figure out who they are, where they are going and whether I should be waving! =o)

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I hope you all have fab plans and part of those plans involve escaping the heat in some way. Those of you headed to Sparks, please eat a funnel cake for me (I’m expecting pictures) and happy treasure hunting! =o)



Hey kids! What up?

What a weird couple of weeks! They’ve been good but strange. Kaya, Dima, Mullai, and Joyce went to Tanzania for an Africa-wide e3 National Director meeting. It sounds like it went well. They were gone for 10 days.

A lot can go wrong in ten days!

For a few of those days, both of the vehicles that are available were down. Both of the drivers that would utilize those vehicles were sick for a couple days. (of course, they were both sick at the same time) Andrew and I don’t know anything about the generator which keeps the “home” compound in power. We don’t know which generator to use or what to do with it even if we did! So, needless to say our home was without power for a couple days which means not only no light but more importantly NO INTERNET! =o) (gotta keep the priorities straight, you know) And I’ve been fighting a cold for the last three days.

However, in those same days, I learned a couple of new games from Kaya’s daughters. The games are similar in idea to jacks but with rocks. Creative kids in Sudan!  They also have a similar game to Uno but with a regular deck of cards. It is also similar to Uno in that I think everyone has their own version of the rules! =o)

Also, Johnson and I had some of my favorite church visits, yet. In fact, yesterday definitely hit the top three! We went to Bori Poki (don’t worry, I can’t really pronounce it, either). We didn’t think it would work out because all the vehicles were being used for other things. (I was not traumatized by this since I wasn’t feeling well) However, Dima freed one up for us and off we went an hour and a half late, which means nothing in Africa. Let me tell you, this is not the furthest or the most difficult drive I’ve had but it was the most bushy. Several times I was thinking, “what in the world am I doing here?” Not in a bad way but more of a “how did I get the privilege to experience this!??!?!” This was one of those times where you are in a land cruiser, following a FOOTPATH (not a road a FOOTPATH) in grass that is taller than the vehicle. How do they know the way?!?!? When we were still a couple of miles from the church, we met up with about 10 children with drums singing and praising God. Moses told them to hop in and they sang us the whole way to church. While there, we had a great time learning about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead which led into Jesus power over death and the life He offers us. Most of the kids had already accepted Christ. So we talked about assurance of salvation. This is something I feel SO strongly about teaching here because there are so many other churches that teach differently. So, I really emphasize that the Bible says NOTHING can take us out of Jesus hand. Then, we learned the verse Yoanye  (John) 11:25. Not to brag or anything but I now have FOUR, count ’em, FOUR memory verses in Bari. I love John 11:25 because in a country where life expectancy is very low, the promise of heaven means SO much! (Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me shall live even though He die. A Yesu kulyani ko lepeng adi, Nan logon a ngiet ko a rue. Nguto logon a yubbo nan lo, mo gwon jorun m’adi ko nye a twan.) Of course, we also learn My God is so Big because no time with the kids would be complete without me jumping and making a fool of myself! =o) After we closed, the church wanted to feed us. This never ceases to surprise me when this happens. These churches who have so little want to honor us by sharing what little they have. So humbling for a super selfish individual such as myself! We had posho and nyete (greens with a peanut sauce) By the time we left, the sun was starting to go down. By the time we reached the main road, it was dark. Don’t tell mom this, but the lights on the land cruiser weren’t working. Luckily, Moses has African eyes. He could see the road just fine. I, on the other hand, would have driven us into a field or run over one of the many people walking along the road!

And to think, I was willing to pass up this experience because I wasn’t feeling well! I’m glad God has other plans.

A couple of days ago we found a great restaurant in Mere. By restaurant, I mean, a small mud hut with a roasting pit out front. At this restaurant, three of us were able to eat our fill of pork, boiled casava and raw onions for 6,000 shillings. (appr. 2 dollars TOTAL) I’m telling you, I never appreciated pork before coming here. It’s AMAZING! =o)

Oh, one other update: I have become the resident typist. It makes me laugh every time someone sees me typing and just stand there with their mouth hanging open. Apparently, I am a computer wizard. Little do they know, I don’t type that fast compared to a lot of other Americans! Anyway, I’m considering opening up a data entry business on the side. I could seriously rake in the dough! And by dough I mean, gracious thanks and maybe some roasted corn , which is TOTALLY payment enough for me! =o)

That’s all for now! I hope things are going well for all of you in the U.S!