The End?


My time here is nearly at an end. I know that does not mean, in any way, that God’s work here is finished or that it is the end of my involvement with this area. However, it is a VERY bittersweet undertaking; this going to my first home. I say first home because this is definitely home, now. I keep trying to envision being in America and not here. It is impossible to imagine. I have put off packing because I don’t want it to be real. I’d rather be packing a small bag for a short time home. I want to see you all so badly! (and eat cheese) But I don’t want to be away from here.

I think of all the people I will miss. Harmony Kaya always is first on my list. She’s my baby! My little sweetheart who won’t even remember me next time I see her. It breaks my heart a little when I think about that. Her parents are next on my list. Kaya and Gloria have taken good care of me. I can’t imagine not hearing Kaya’s laugh (which I am currently hearing from the other room) and seeing that gigantic smile. My translator, Muni, who has been so patient teaching me the language and trying to find my feet in this crazy undertaking. We have taught each other a lot! Dima and his wife Rose who are about the sweetest people I have ever met. Such a loving couple (which is not common here) and a cute little family with such a heart for God and His people. So MANY more people but if I continue with my list I will start bawling! All these people are in my heart and I will carry them with me wherever I go. I know I will see them again in heaven but I pray with ALL  my heart that I will see them again soon on this earth.

There are also Americans that I will miss terribly. The Water Harvest/Mobile Health team has become a second family to Andrew and I. We cook together often (we have visited every continent via food). =o) We made our last meal together last night. Grant, who has so much on his shoulders for such a young guy and is about to get married. Norma who has the biggest heart I’ve ever been in contact with and such great insight into Africa. William makes me laugh so much. Jon who is now a Juba-man and has taken on a TON of responsibility unexpectedly. This family will be so missed!

Don’t even get me started on Andrew. My new brother. It hasn’t really hit me that all these goodbyes will also involve him. I know I’ll see him once more at his wedding but after that, who knows!

Please be praying for me during this time of transition. I CANNOT wait to see you all but I do not want to leave here. I’m so torn internally. Pray that I make it back in a decent state. =o)

Also, be praying for the actual living in America. Coming back will be difficult. I will feel like a small town girl in New York for the first time. Everything will be big and overwhelming and that’s before I actually have to get down to real life! Pray that I truly listen to God for my next step. He brought me this far, I know He will show me the next step but MAN I wish He’d do it sooner than later! =o)

I also want to thank you. I know you’ve been praying. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Thank you for any comments you’ve left here or on Facebook or via my family. Those are my major communication, not just home but period. So, it may have seemed like a small thing to you but to me, it was HUGE. I appreciate it more than I can say or probably even really know.

Thank you for traveling this road with me. Stay tuned for the continuing saga: What will she do next OR What will God do with her? Same bat time, same bat station. . .


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