Another Small World Story


As I mentioned last time, Andrew just took a trip to Jordan and Israel. On his way back, he stayed in Kampala with a friend of his. His friend had some neighbors over for dinner while Andrew was there. These girls were very excited to meet Andrew because they were heading to KK a couple of weeks later for a very short visit and didn’t really know what to expect. So, they were excited to have another contact there and someone that could give them a quick rundown of the area. He told them all about KK and about what we do here. He gave them our contact information.

A few days later, I got an email from one of the girls. She just wanted to kind of introduce herself before she came but also offer to bring some “supplies” from Kampala if I needed anything. Of course, my answer was a resounding “CHOCOLATE!” =o) She also threw in a quick little small world note. Her cousin knows me and was excited she would be connecting with me. I figured it was some random person I’d met on my travels or some acquaintance from church.

Oh no!

Her cousin is a girl I have been in small group with for several years! How crazy is that!?! I’m telling you, Disney had it right (forgive me for getting this song in your head but) it IS a small world after all!


PS. love it when teams come through. So refreshing!


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