Another Wednesday, Another uneventful post


Two Wednesdays later and I still don’t feel I have a lot to post about. Ok, maybe a couple of events. =o)

Had my birthday. I’m not gonna lie it was HARD to be away from my longtime friends and my family. However, it was fun to celebrate with new friends and Sudanese family. They had a surprise party for me with a cake made by Night and Joyce. I had SPARKLER candles. AWESOME! We sang some hymns and praises. I think all birthdays should include singing hymns with friends! =o)

It was sort of a Murphy’s law birthday, though. If it could go wrong, it did. I’ve never considered myself a control freak but God is teaching more and more that I cannot control anything. He is in control. I have found that I don’t need control over everything like your typical control freak. I just HAVE to have control over a couple of things. These things change with the situation but there are always a couple. Don’t really like this knowledge about me or the difficulty of learning to let go even those.

Easter = Pretty much AWESOME! It was a relatively normal Sunday service. We used hymnals, though. Weird for here but made it feel a bit more like Easter in Troy. =o) It was so celebratory. We didn’t, however, sing my favorite easter hymn – He Arose. “Low in the grave He lay……Up from the grave He arose!” I love it! It FEELS victorious. Many songs sing about Christ rising and are wonderful but that one just feels victorious. Love it! We may not have sung it in church but I was singing it all day in my head. Our savior isn’t still in His grave. He rose again and is preparing a place for you and me. All we have to do is choose Him. That amazes me. He freely offers salvation. Not because of us but because He is amazing. We don’t have to do anything but say yes. Crazy!

After church, Andrew and I went to Water Harvest to help make our Easter feast. We made pork, green pepper, tomato and onion kebabs. We had coleslaw, mashed potaoes and a bunny cake. So good! And it’s always great to hang out there. Everyone was back for Easter (aside from the newly married Stephen). So it was a great group and a great time of fellowship. Love those peeps!

Then I skyped my fam. That was great! Most of them had gone to Mom and Dad’s for Easter. So was able to chat with my folks, sister, niece and nephew AND Grandma and Aunt Kathy who I haven’t talked to since I’ve been here. Such a blessing! My Grandma asked if I have any orders for when I get back and as any good Boaz kid would say, I said salmon patties and creamed peas!

I miss y’all. I mean it when I say all of you. I think about all my friends, church family and family a lot. I may not think of each of you each day but I DO think of each of you and miss you much! Slowly by slowly I’m getting more excited about going home but also more afraid to leave. What if this is it? What if I can’t come back? How can I bear leaving all this behind possibly forever? Ok, better stop typing before I break down completely!

Hope y’all had a great and celebratory Easter!

PS: Don’t forget to do your taxes. =o)


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