Random Wednesday


I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I don’t feel I have anything interesting to say! =o)

So, I decided it’s time for another random post.

1. Andrew and I have been cooking for ourselves on Sundays for the last few weeks. That has been so much fun! This also means that the last couple of weeks with Andrew gone on R&R, I have been the sole chef on those Sundays. This was a bit intimidating but SO much fun. Cooking here is a bit like going back to Little House on the Prairie days. It’s really fun to experiment and try new ways of making favorites or new dishes altogether. Granted, I think I’d probably lose it if I had to do this everyday but once a week is novel and fun! =o)

2. Speaking of Andrew being on R&R. He’s now an engaged man! I’m so excited for him and his new fiance.

3. Another small world story: I went down the road to a small shop for some supplies for my Sunday meal. On the way back, this lady started talking to me. My standard response to this sort of thing is to be friendly but not really stop walking. Most of the time when a random person here strikes up a conversation its so they can ask for money. So I just don’t really give them the chance. However, there was something different about the way she was conversing with me that made me stop and really chat. She said she was actually a visitor from the states. “Oh, really, where are you from?” “I’m from Kansas City, Missouri.” At which point my jaw dropped onto the dusty road and I said I’m from the KC area. We talked a bit about the hot weather here and the unseasonably hot weather in KC. She was here because her husband is from the area and his mother died. I’m hoping I can connect with her again before they leave in April. How CRAZY is that!!!!?!?! I’m telling you, this world gets smaller and smaller with each passing day!

4. I really hate when Kaya is gone. However, it MAKES me become more self-sufficient and that is a good feeling. I’m still glad when he comes back! =o)

5. I’m starting to seriously freak out about what I will do when I get back to the states. I have some ideas but NOTHING solid by any stretch of the imagination. I also don’t really want to be thinking about it, yet. It keeps me from focusing on the here and now. So, every time I start stressing about something I can’t really do anything about anyway, I look around me and try to imprint these images on my memory. I stop and look at Harmony and giggle with her. (of course this usually makes me sad as I think about not seeing my baby everyday!) All this to say, I’m hoping to take this place with me but also this mindset. Don’t focus on the stuff that God has to handle but focus on what He’s already done for/given to you. This is not new information but it’s been very helpful to me the last couple of weeks. However, I’m not promising this will keep you from being weepy. Just sayin.

6. I really love this place.



One Response to “Random Wednesday”

  1. Angie said

    Hi Girl! I love getting your messages … you keep me entertained and inspired! I have to tel you that Soph and I were talking about you just this morning on the way to school/work. She was commenting (in her usual out of hte blue way) about how many Miss Rebecca’s she knows. Her teacher, our good friend from church and then the I reminded her of you. “mommy’s friend who is a missionary helping the children in Africa – on the other side of the world!” OH YES she remembered! She loves looking at the pictures you post and hearing about how you are working with those kids helping them to know God and Jesus. 😉

    So while you are FAR away, you are certainly never far from our thoughts!

    Sending big hugs!!!

    Love you-Ang

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