A Better Attitude


Thanks everyone for your prayers and your encouraging comments. I have definitely had a better attitude this week despite attacks from Satan. This week has been roller coaster but I think SOMETHING was accomplished for the Kingdom which is good.

We were supposed to go to a place called Morsak on Monday. However, the pastor had forgotten to tell his people so he contacted us on Monday to say they would not be ready but that he could get them ready for the next day. Well, we already had TWO churches scheduled for the next day but we threw another on top, anyway! =o) We were to leave about 9:00 am the next day. However, at about 8:15 am, Johnson showed up with another person on his motorbike and said that overnight his sister-in-law passed away and he was taking his brother to help make arrangements. When Dima found out, he said he’d find someone else to go with me. I thought to myself that I really needed Johnson because this was the first time we’d be going out to talk specifically to Sunday School teachers and we’d discussed already what we’d talk about. I didn’t know if I could bring someone else up to speed in time and what not. Kaya said not to go if I didn’t feel comfortable without Johnson and felt he really needed to be there. So, I did a flash prayer. Was my problem really that I felt Johnson should be there or that I was just nervous and didn’t want to do it? I felt that it was my problem not the situation so, I said let’s roll. We talked to two churches and found out that another was essentially defunct. However, I feel like there are now two churches that know a little more about preparing a Bible lesson just from their own personal Bible reading and that is a big plus! Each time he visits a church, Johnson will be building on this knowledge with other topics like memory verses, music, activities, etc.

The next day, Johnson’s church was on the schedule so that was one more stricken from our list to be rescheduled later. Please be praying for his brother. He has two very small children and doesn’t think he can take care of them. He will most likely give them to the orphanage. This is not uncommon here. But pray that God will provide a way for this family to stay together.

Today, Doris and I held our first Young Ladies Group. We were hoping for girls 14-18 but it ran a bit younger. However, it’s never too early to start learning how to live according to the Bible and not succumbing to peer pressure. Man, Doris was a ROCKSTAR! I essentially just sat back and let her lead. It was like she’d been waiting for someone to suggest this and just needed the support. I’m excited to see where this group goes! We may also start talking in the secondary school. (who knows, we may go to EVERY secondary school!)

Again, thanks for all your prayers. I definitely felt them this week and God helped me with my attitude. I’ve had a couple questions about how I am. I am actually doing very well. I’ve been feeling well and have yet to have a truly bad headache here. (which those of you who know my headaches know how thankful I am for that!) Also, I’ve been doing well emotionally. Aside from my weird desire not to do ministry as discussed last week, I’m doing well. I think part of the problem with ministry is that I’ve somewhat already made my turn toward home. I’m SO not ready for it to be time but I know it’s coming faster and faster. So, I think that turn has made it more difficult to stay HERE in my mind. So, pray that God will continue to work on my heart and mind to remain in the moment here and do the work He’s called me to do. I love the people here and I want to do so much more before I leave.


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