Another Monday, another random post


I can’t believe another Monday has come! But here it is. Once again, having a difficult time pulling thoughts together for a proper post. So random it is!

1. I have discovered that sitting around with Bari hymnals and learning to sing the songs is about my favorite way to spend an afternoon. Suzan Poni and Annet like teaching me and I love learning.

2. Having GOOD internet is a blessing. Pretty much since I’ve been here, the internet available has been sketchy, at best. But we have a new modem at home that is giving us great internet. Andrew and I can skype home at the same time and still not have trouble. This is SO wonderful. I’m able to skype America when it’s convenient for both of us. Great!

3. I’m actually starting to get really nervous about going home. I’m excited my time is drawing near and VERY sad every time I think about it. This is home, too. I can’t imagine the possibility of not seeing it again. Also, I’m freaking a bit about what I will do when I get back to America. I will sort of need to, you know, find a job!

4. Also, I probably will never see my new brother again. So weird to think that Andrew, who I eat most of my meals with and discuss the state of the world and how we could fix everything, and I will probably not really ever be in the same place again until heaven. So bizarre!

5. It’s HOT! And I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning. Ya’ll complaining about snow, you. don’t. know! Enjoy it for me and maybe package a bit up for me to enjoy when I come home.  =o)

6. How is it that even living thousands of miles from home, doing something that has been called “brave” by some people, and having stepped COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone, do I still feel like I am living a small life? I’ve been wondering lately if that’s how other missionaries sometimes feel. (still have a hard time calling myself a missionary) Did Hudson Taylor feel that way? Helen Roseveare?

7. There are still several days out of every week that I look around and say “what am I doing? how did I get here? why am I the lucky one that gets to do this? This is stinking AFRICA!”

8. What is going on with y’all? I feel like I’ve been able to keep up relatively well with what is going on in the world, at large. I heard about Whitney, etc. However, I don’t know what’s going on with you. I want to know. Feel free to email me, FB me, tell my family and they’ll pass it along, or however you want to communicate. I’d love to hear from you.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll try to do better about posting now that we have internet at home (but don’t count on it since I’m a slacker)  =o)


One Response to “Another Monday, another random post”

  1. Allison said

    So did you ever make your pizza? I wasn’t quite sure how that would work, but your sister said you’d like one. I forgot to include it in my package to you, so sent it along with the one with Steve. I wanted to get you pepperoni, but he only had a couple pounds and they only had pepperoni in the 2 lb size. I’m sure when you get back you’ll be craving all sorts of food you’ve been missing, but we’ll definitely have to treat you to some real pizza!

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