Random Monday


Time for another random post. I have been away from ALL forms of communication for 2 weeks. So, let me try to fill you in a bit.

1. Another CEF experience and now I’m more than sure I will be doing more training when I get home and be involved in CEF in some way.

2. One week + 24 teens + training to do 5-day clubs = 900 children reached and more than 400 children putting their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. AMAZING!

3. There’s a team here for all of about 3 days but it’s still nice to have convos with other Americans. (Some of these have been DEEP but edifying)

4. I met many CEF volunteers and workers from Uganda at this training and I am continually amazed at how God can use others to enrich and grow your life. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to writing my post on the subculture of missionaries in Africa but it’s so great to meet and have an instant connection with other missionaries whether they are from other continents or are people from different African countries. I see more and more each day how Christ and His work transcends culture and language. Beautiful…

5. It seems weird that even in South Sudan, it was refreshing to have a couple weeks of being unplugged. Golly, I’m such a techie! I can’t leave it, even here. So a couple weeks of no computer or phone, just worship and growth. Nice

6. JARED! It was so good to see Jared Chasteen and Brian Bain even if it was for about 3 seconds. Brian is a new brother met through e3 and Jared is a long time brother from KC. SO good to see him and pics of his family. YAY!

7. Have I mentioned before how nice it is to have handwritten note? There were notes in my packages and Jared brought a stack of notes from home. I LOVE email and Skype. It’s so great to have instant connection with family and friends. HOWEVER, there is just something about seeing their handwriting. Even if the note doesn’t say a lot, just to see that handwriting….it’s like seeing the person’s heart. Having that with you and being able to re-read…priceless. I am trying to constantly remind myself that when I get home, I will invest more time in handwriting notes to others; especially if they are far from home. It’s truly a treasure.

8. Whenever I teach on Philippians (which I did with the teens this week) I always feel I am passing on a bit of John Crawford. I also cannot teach without giving background on it. It is such a pleasure and a humbling experience to watch lightbulbs go on in someone’s mind when you explain what being of one mind means and sharing the need to be a unified front. John, 24 teens and 18 adults now understand a smidge more about Paul’s letter to the Philippians because of you. Pretty cool, eh?

9. I’m still constantly reminded of my mom when worshipping with the Sudanese. There are so many songs they sing. Old hymns or praise songs that make me think of her singing away while sewing or singing with me while driving to Topeka. They have many of their own songs in Kuku but they also sing things like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the morning… or Showers of Blessing or many others like that. I love you, mama and I love that you filled my childhood with music about our God!

Prayer requests:

1. Keep praying as I switch gears. 1) I’m going to start some weekly children’s clubs. 2) I will be meeting with a church that is near once a week and try to invest in a teacher that can teach children but also other teachers. 3) This is the thing I’m most worried I will fail completely. However, Doris (seed-effect worker) and I are going to start a once a week “chat” with girls 14-18 about life issues. I’m excited but SO nervous. I’m hoping that God can use me in this way to help guide girls that will in turn be guiding a family one day. Boy that’s a lot of pressure. Good thing our God is BIG!

2. Pray for Johnson, my translator. He’s pretty awesome and has a great vision for this ministry. He has already been revisiting the churches we’ve been to, in order to check on them and encourage them. He has a been given a broken motorbike by his father. So pray also that we are able to find the money to get it fixed. This is SUCH an answer to prayer!

3. OMG! I’m down to four months! Pray that I use my time wisely and listen to God and His plan for this time. HOLY COW!!!!


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