Kampala, baby!


I know. You’ve been on the edge of your seat. What has happened to Rebecca? How is her Kampala trip going? You haven’t been able to eat or sleep for worry about me. I knew it! =o)

I cannot even tell you how differently than expected and WONDERFUL this trip has turned out to be!

I drove down with some of the Seed Effect team and hung out with them for my first couple of days. Nice hotel RIGHT downtown, as in, I wouldn’t leave the place by myself! Still worried about what I would do without the guys but getting more ok.

Then, God smiled down on me when they decided that Bulton, the Seed Effect IT guy and Kampala native, would stay to do some things. He was more than willing to show me around town. YAY! A friend! Bulton had been complaining of pain for a couple of days. He said it was because of the bumpy ride and a surgery he’d had a few years ago. Kinda gives him pain every once in a while.  He decided to make a doc appt while he’s here. I checked into a different hotel since the guys were leaving and then we hung around the mall just checking it out and eating GOOD food. (really, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. This trip is mostly about the food for me!) Bulton’s doctor appt was late in the afternoon so I went back to the hotel and internet. I have to say that the hotel I stayed at for the rest of the trip is amazing and fun. I met some great people that first night that have become friends.

The next day, Friday, Bulton and I were going to go somewhere but hadn’t decided what. I didn’t hear from him but didn’t really mind because my stomach had been rebelling a bit from the good food. So I just hung around the hotel knitting, surfing the interwebs and watching The Office. 😉 By the end of the day I was getting a bit worried and thought I should call him when suddenly he called me. Bad news from doc. Bulton has appendicitis! So I ask if he’s at the hospital (selfishly thinking “how am I going to navigate a hospital here, to visit him?”) No, the doc just gave him some tablets until he can get back here. I do not understand Africa sometimes! I tell him he needs to rest and not to worry about me. I’ll just do sightseeing on my own like I originally thought. I’m a big girl, right? I can handle that, right? (note my own skepticism)

However, once again, God had other serendipitous plans. The friends I had made the first night invited me to church on Sunday with them. SO thankful! But still not sure what to do Saturday. The next morning, one of them mentioned church again and specified what time then said they’d be going to the craft market (one I’ve been to on past trips) and 1,000 Cups (amazing coffee place) if I’d like to go with them. Wonderful! They are two families adopting Ugandan little girls. I have so enjoyed getting to know them and their girls (who are, of course, adorable and helping me not to miss my Harmony quite as much).  I have been SO thankful for these people! They’ve just taken me under their wing and shown me the ropes of Kampala. I would have probably chickened out and stayed at the hotel the whole time without them!

So, off we went on my first boda ride which was not NEARLY as frightening as I thought it would be. However, I still haven’t been in just CRAZY traffic which makes a difference. I figured if they could get on the back of one of those motorbikes with a baby strapped to them, I could handle riding by myself! We had a nice time kicking around the craft market then, we hit 1,000 Cups and I bought some coffee grounds to take home to South Sudan with me. (YAYAYAYAY!!!)

The next day, the plan was to go to church at 2:00 pm. So, we just puttered around the hotel playing with the girls and chatting about their families, etc. Then, off we went to church. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this church, however I def wasn’t expecting it to feel like North Point or some other mega church. Very Hillsongy music and the pastor used an iPad for his notes and Bible. Unreal! However, it was a great service and nice to sit through and be fed instead of running off with the kids.

After church, we stopped at Nakumatt mall and grabbed pizza (wonderful) then, they went to get some coffee while I stopped to pick up some shoes I’d seen the other day with Bulton. (7 buck fake Chuck Taylors that I couldn’t pass up) Seriously, once a shopper, always a shopper!

Which brings us to today. The families had important adoption appointments all day so I knew I’d be on my own. But now I feel empowered. I can do this thang! =o) I knew I wanted to go back to Nakumatt to get food (thinking it was just a grocery store) So, I walked out to the main road, motioned to a boda, haggled my price and off we went! Got to the mall in one piece and discovered that Nakumatt is actually like a Super-Walmart, yo! How amazing is that!?!?! So, I wandered soaking in the glory! Then, started piling things in my basket (trying to keep in mind that I only have 33 lbs for my flight back!). But I’m just telling you there are many snacks (including Ferrero Rocher) that are flying back with me. If I have to leave clothes or my laptop, those are coming with! =o) As I was finishing my wandering I heard my name being called. The families had stopped there to pick up some things between appointments. So, we checked out and headed to the coffee shop. I heard how things had gone and played with the babies then, we headed back to the hotel. They had more appointments and I had an appointment of my own with a steak! So, they went off and I found a boda and went to the fanciest restaurant I’d been to in a LONG time even back in America. GOOD steak and mashed potatoes and a Pear Alvaro which is the best soda in the world. I was by myself in a fancy restaurant and I was totally ok!

God is good, isn’t He? He has taken such good care of me even in my unbelief and fear. He provides at the time of our need and gives us the courage we need to do even silly things!

I’m headed home to Kajo Keji tomorrow on MAF and actually a little sad to go (which I NEVER thought would be the case) but so thankful for this time and these new friends! It will be good to be home.

Don’t worry, I’ll call (post) to let y’all know I got home safely.

2 Responses to “Kampala, baby!”

  1. Terry Mills said

    Loved your update.God is so good!! Sounds like a fun time, glad your food desires came true. Love and blessings,,,

  2. Angie said

    I am so excited for you, Reb…. you are having such amazing adventures!!! I am also thankful that God has continuously provided you with friends along the journey when you wanted/needed them and helped you to feel empowered to also do it “alone”. 🙂 Much love, my friend, and Happy (almost) Thanksgiving from the El Paso desert!

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