Just call me the travellin’ (wo)man!

This week has been difficult and refreshing at the same time. Thank you so much everyone for your support. I know it probably doesn’t seem like much but it really means a lot to a girl halfway around the world from her family to know that you care and are praying for me. Thanks!

However, this week has been the Pastor’s Conference for all of South Sudan (and a few guys from Congo and Uganda). It has been such an interesting week. What a great way to meet people from all over without having to leave “home!” I’ve met Dinka from Malakal and that area, people from Yei, Toposa from Kapoeta and all these places I’ve wanted to visit. Also, there have been some IMB missionaries from Kapoeta, Ethiopia, Kenya, etc. Many of these people stayed at Kaya’s compound so it’s been a crazy and fun week.

Next Monday, (the 15th) I’ll be heading to Kampala, Uganda for my R&R. I have to say, for some reason I’ve been more trepidatious of this than looking forward to it. However, I think I’ll be sort of with a few people for the first day or two which helps a lot. I’m trying to remember that this is SUPPOSED to be relaxing so don’t stress out about it, already! =o) (I don’t listen to myself very well)

Like I said, I’m just a travellin’ woman!

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