Small Town


This makes me giggle a little every time I notice what I’m doing so I thought I’d share. This area is TOTALLY like a small town. Everyone knows everyone else’s business (and usually where everyone is at any given moment), you don’t drive down the road without waving at everyone (or else you are considered a snob) and you notice (and recognize) every vehicle that passes by. (can I get an whoop-whoop from the Troy-ites?) I was just sitting here surfing the net like any self-respecting American and heard an engine. So, what do I do? I don’t completely tune it out like I would in KC; no I stop what I’m doing and stare out the window trying to figure out who they are, where they are going and whether I should be waving! =o)

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I hope you all have fab plans and part of those plans involve escaping the heat in some way. Those of you headed to Sparks, please eat a funnel cake for me (I’m expecting pictures) and happy treasure hunting! =o)

One Response to “Small Town”

  1. Shelly said

    I am always so excited to see a post from you. We miss you when your internet service is down. So glad things are going well and you are settled in to life in Sudan. Chris and I are going to Sparks Sunday for an anniversary day trip! Even if we don’t eat a funnel cake, I’ll try to get a pic for you. And, it’s supposed to be 77 degrees – yeah! Love you bunches and again are so proud of you.

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