Hey kids! What up?

What a weird couple of weeks! They’ve been good but strange. Kaya, Dima, Mullai, and Joyce went to Tanzania for an Africa-wide e3 National Director meeting. It sounds like it went well. They were gone for 10 days.

A lot can go wrong in ten days!

For a few of those days, both of the vehicles that are available were down. Both of the drivers that would utilize those vehicles were sick for a couple days. (of course, they were both sick at the same time) Andrew and I don’t know anything about the generator which keeps the “home” compound in power. We don’t know which generator to use or what to do with it even if we did! So, needless to say our home was without power for a couple days which means not only no light but more importantly NO INTERNET! =o) (gotta keep the priorities straight, you know) And I’ve been fighting a cold for the last three days.

However, in those same days, I learned a couple of new games from Kaya’s daughters. The games are similar in idea to jacks but with rocks. Creative kids in Sudan!  They also have a similar game to Uno but with a regular deck of cards. It is also similar to Uno in that I think everyone has their own version of the rules! =o)

Also, Johnson and I had some of my favorite church visits, yet. In fact, yesterday definitely hit the top three! We went to Bori Poki (don’t worry, I can’t really pronounce it, either). We didn’t think it would work out because all the vehicles were being used for other things. (I was not traumatized by this since I wasn’t feeling well) However, Dima freed one up for us and off we went an hour and a half late, which means nothing in Africa. Let me tell you, this is not the furthest or the most difficult drive I’ve had but it was the most bushy. Several times I was thinking, “what in the world am I doing here?” Not in a bad way but more of a “how did I get the privilege to experience this!??!?!” This was one of those times where you are in a land cruiser, following a FOOTPATH (not a road a FOOTPATH) in grass that is taller than the vehicle. How do they know the way?!?!? When we were still a couple of miles from the church, we met up with about 10 children with drums singing and praising God. Moses told them to hop in and they sang us the whole way to church. While there, we had a great time learning about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead which led into Jesus power over death and the life He offers us. Most of the kids had already accepted Christ. So we talked about assurance of salvation. This is something I feel SO strongly about teaching here because there are so many other churches that teach differently. So, I really emphasize that the Bible says NOTHING can take us out of Jesus hand. Then, we learned the verse Yoanye  (John) 11:25. Not to brag or anything but I now have FOUR, count ’em, FOUR memory verses in Bari. I love John 11:25 because in a country where life expectancy is very low, the promise of heaven means SO much! (Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me shall live even though He die. A Yesu kulyani ko lepeng adi, Nan logon a ngiet ko a rue. Nguto logon a yubbo nan lo, mo gwon jorun m’adi ko nye a twan.) Of course, we also learn My God is so Big because no time with the kids would be complete without me jumping and making a fool of myself! =o) After we closed, the church wanted to feed us. This never ceases to surprise me when this happens. These churches who have so little want to honor us by sharing what little they have. So humbling for a super selfish individual such as myself! We had posho and nyete (greens with a peanut sauce) By the time we left, the sun was starting to go down. By the time we reached the main road, it was dark. Don’t tell mom this, but the lights on the land cruiser weren’t working. Luckily, Moses has African eyes. He could see the road just fine. I, on the other hand, would have driven us into a field or run over one of the many people walking along the road!

And to think, I was willing to pass up this experience because I wasn’t feeling well! I’m glad God has other plans.

A couple of days ago we found a great restaurant in Mere. By restaurant, I mean, a small mud hut with a roasting pit out front. At this restaurant, three of us were able to eat our fill of pork, boiled casava and raw onions for 6,000 shillings. (appr. 2 dollars TOTAL) I’m telling you, I never appreciated pork before coming here. It’s AMAZING! =o)

Oh, one other update: I have become the resident typist. It makes me laugh every time someone sees me typing and just stand there with their mouth hanging open. Apparently, I am a computer wizard. Little do they know, I don’t type that fast compared to a lot of other Americans! Anyway, I’m considering opening up a data entry business on the side. I could seriously rake in the dough! And by dough I mean, gracious thanks and maybe some roasted corn , which is TOTALLY payment enough for me! =o)

That’s all for now! I hope things are going well for all of you in the U.S!

One Response to “Serendipities”

  1. Allison said

    What an awesome day! God is so good! How special that He sent you those percussionists to lead your chorus on the way. I’ve stumbled upon groups of kids in my neighborhood, but they’re not usually singing praises to God! I’m so impressed with your Bari (not that any of it made sense to me without your translation!). I read about your generator and laughed because this morning, my neighbor decided to turn one on at 4:30 am. Not pleasant. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick! I’ve been praying for you – I often wake up in the middle of the night and, if I don’t drop right back to sleep, I pray for you. I figure you are probably up doing something over there in Sudan. May God bless you with many more special memories such as this!

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