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I’ve been saving up posts for when the internet was available, again. So here are a couple and I’ve included the dates I actually wrote them. =o)


Today, I finished my two-part series (don’t I sound official?!) on the story of Joseph (as in, Technicolor Dream Coat) with the kids. Last week, I began the story and ended with Joseph in prison. I taught them Philippians 4:4 and taught them the song that goes along with it. There are days where I think I’m just talking to the clouds and the trees. I don’t think they are listening. However, this afternoon I was chillaxin’ in my room reading and I heard some things wafting up from the kitchen area. “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice” It almost made me cry! Later, I heard “My God is so BIG.” Just now, I heard “Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide…” I taught them that one today! It goes to show you that kids are always listening even when it seems they are not. A good reminder to be pouring good and Godly things into them and to be careful little mouth what you say! =o)

FYI: Kaya’s daughters are back from school. I would just like to say that they are adorable and so much fun but my hair has never had so many hands in it nor has it been combed as much as it has in the last two days. =o)

Children’s ministry in the villages has been good and fun. I’m still struggling with how to incorporate more leader discipleship but until then, the kids are hearing scripture, memorizing scripture and learning more about God. Can’t really complain about that, I guess! However, I’m seriously feeling like a one trick pony. (which really doesn’t matter since I’m going to a different site every day but I’M getting bored with it) Anyone have any creative ideas of things to do with no outside resources? I could use a couple more games and some ideas of activities to go along with your typical kids Bible stories. (Noah, Jonah, Jericho, Daniel and the Lions, Feeding the 5000, Jesus birth, etc) Also, if you have any ideas of topical things to do, I would love to hear them. I teach Sunday school every week at the main church so those kids are gonna tire of me pretty quickly if I don’t come up with some new stuff soon!

2 Responses to “Ministry stuff”

  1. Whitney said

    Rebecca – so wonderful to hear about your ministry. We are praying for you! If you’re teaching the kids scripture verses, then teach them Bible Baseball. It takes a little planning ahead on your part to list out 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and homerun verses, but then once you do, you can just keep adding.

  2. Jori Noble said

    Hey – for Jonah, you can do what my team did in college when we went to Romania…If you can get your hands on some blue fabric, you can put a person on each end of the fabric and “wave” it like the ocean. You can have them recreate the story by “throwing” Jonah into the water, etc… The Romanian kids seemed to love it…

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