Random Friday


Here I am with my translator, Johnson (center), and a friend.

So, I can’t pull my thoughts together today for a post so, I will just make a list of random thoughts. Ok?

1. Who knew that one day I would say my best day all week was a day I had fried chicken and roast pork in the same day. red. Banner. DAY! =o)

2. How many of you can say you have three Moses’ in your life?

3. I feel like Johnson could take over my job, right now, and do a better job.

4. Even after almost two months, I have at least one moment everyday in which I am AMAZED that I am in Africa and think, “How did I get here?” or am astounded by the beauty of this country.

5. I can’t believe God has allowed me to do this!

6. I have mixed feelings about teams being here. But mostly I love the easy conversation.

7. I still get absolutely terrified every time I get out of the vehicle at a church. I wonder if that will ever dissipate…. It’s getting a bit annoying, actually. I mean it goes away after I talk to the people a bit but still…..

8. How is it that I can feel so at home here and miss Kansas so much?

9. The kids are so beautiful, it’s ridiculous!

10. Thanks for all your prayers! Tinate Parik! (thank you very much)

11. Check my Facebook for photos. I just FINALLY posted a bunch.

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