First week in Churches


Tuesday was our first day in the field. I think we got broken in pretty well! We went to Lomonga. Um, imagine off-roading. Now imagine that times about a thousand. =o) Juma is a great driver! If it had been someone else, I’m pretty sure we’d still be stuck on the banks of the creek outside Lomonga. =o)

So far, it hasn’t been quite what I was hoping for. I was really hoping to spend time with the adults interested in Children’s Ministry and addressing concerns, etc. and THEN doing CM. But pretty much, it’s been tons of kids waiting for us to do something brilliant. Luckily, our white skin is as interesting as anything else so we don’t have to be too brilliant! =o)

This week, we visited Lomonga, Mere and Litoba. Each one was so different but good. The kids are always so much fun. So far we’ve taught “My God is so big” at each one because Johnson and Cosmos (Cose – mus) love that song! I, on the other hand, am going to have to start teaching a new one because that one has invaded my dreams! =o)

Yesterday was pretty cool because on our way home, we realized we were going to drop Johnson off at his place. He wanted to introduce us to his family. We got almost there and Juma decided he didn’t want to risk the rocks on the creek bank so we stopped. Sarah and I looked at each other and I asked Johnson how far it was. “Can we foot it?” That’s what they call walking here. He said, yes, it’s just there. You can see it. So, off we went. We got to meet his wife, Mary, his son, Johnathon appr 1 year, and his grandmother. He has several fruit trees around his house so we were able to try guava. We PROBABLY shouldn’t have eaten it since it’s not a peel and eat fruit but hey, we haven’t died yet. It was really good! He also, had some citrus trees. The oranges were gone but he gave us a bag of lemons. They are giant and so good! I’m so glad we took the time to meet his family!

Now it’s time to party like rockstars! I’ll try to remember to take pictures of everything as South Sudan becomes it’s own nation. I’ve been pretty forgetful about pics, so far. sorry!

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