Children’s Conference


Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been up at the compound a few times but not long enough to blog. Let me catch you up on the last couple of weeks. (two posts).

The conference was a great couple of days. Sarah and I were able to meet quite a few of the people from the various churches. I would say we had close to 60 people there and many of them were women interested in Children’s Ministry at their church. Also, this was the first time we really were able to work with our translator for the year. Johnson is pretty awesome! He really has a heart for the kids and seemed to enjoy the conference and was ready to start ministry. He is a student at the Kajo Keji Theological Seminary soon to be called North East Theological Seminary (on the 9th). Took me a while to figure out “North East” since we are in the South Central tip of South Sudan. But I think I’ve finally figured it out. I was thinking too small. Dima has his sites set on the entire continent of Africa as a place to expand the seminary and since Sudan is in the North East part of Africa, there you go. I digress. Johnson is taking a year off his studies to be my translator and go to all the churches with me. Their hope is that he will continue visiting all the churches and doing Children’s Ministry after I leave.

Back to the conference. I will say, if it ended the way it started. I think I would have crawled under my bed and stayed there until Sarah left and gone with her! If she hadn’t been here, I don’t know if I’d have made it through the day. About halfway through, I was ready to throw in the towel. I was questioning why God had sent ME instead of someone else more qualified with better information to share. But then, something seemed to click. I lightbulb with on for the Sudanese and the rest of the day and Sunday were great!

Here is the conference schedule:

Session 1: Question & Answer – What are you currently doing? What is working? What’s not working?

Session 2 – Why is Children’s MInistry Important?

A. Why does God value children?

B. Why is it important for children?

C. Why is it important for the Body of Christ?

Session 3 – How to do Children’s Ministry

A. Scripture – How to teach a BIble story

B. Memory Verses

C. Music

D. Activities

Session 4 – Putting it together

Session 5 – Q&A

So during Session 3, after each session, we had them break into groups and work on that section. We gave each group a different Bible passage to work on and had them come up with a way to teach it. Then, we talked about Memory Verses and had them choose a memory verse for their passage, etc. Until, by the end of the day, they had a complete lesson plan based around one passage.

I think when we finally said, “Look what you’ve done with nothing but the Bible and the imagination God has given you.” They finally got it. You don’t need resources. They are great but kids don’t have to have them to learn. Talk about an “aha” moment! =o) On Sunday, those that stayed at First Baptist Church, came with us when the kids were dismissed for Sunday school. We broke them into their groups and had them implement their lesson plan. This had a few rough moments but I think they did GREAT! After church, we had lunch and waited for those that went back to their own churches. We talked a little about how it went and if there were any questions. Then, we went over some logisitics, prayed and hit the road. I think, all in all, things went well.

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