Upcoming Children’s Conference


Monday, we put together most of the bones of the conference and were able to get it mostly finalized. (we also were able to get a nap in) I think it will take a while to get used to having so much down time. As Americans, we value productivity so much and have a REALLY hard time with down time. It’s one thing to hang out all day with family or what we consider quality time but quite another to have only a few hours of work in a day. I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I’ve already finished a book and knit all the yarn I brought with me. =o) Luckily, I have more coming with the LBC team.

But let me tell you one of the cool things about down time. Andrew and I were sitting in the big room looking at pictures of his nephew and playing with Harmony (Kaya and Gloria’s little one). Kaya was finishing his dinner and another guy was there, kind of talking to him. Kaya finished and washed up then came over and sat down next to me. Then, he told the other guy to sit next to Andrew. The guy introduced himself as Ivan. Then, Kaya says, “Ok, meeting.” I’m thinking “what on earth is about to happen?” Kaya says that Ivan used to walk with God but he’s fallen away. So now I’m thinking he’s going to have us preach at him. Then, Kaya says that Ivan has chosen to walk with God again. Such a praise! He asks if Andrew and I would pray with him. AbsoLUTELY! This is the kind of thing that doesn’t really happen to me when I’m lounging around the house in America. But here, you never know! I love Africa!

Today (Tuesday) Sarah and I came up to the compound to search the internet a bit for some ideas on games. BTW: if anyone can think of a good game that goes along with the Lazarus story, feel free to email or message me.

Then, we had a meeting with Dima, Kenneth and Scovia about my calendar and the conference. Seeing my calendar filled out through September is a little jarring. I realize most of it will change before we even get to it but still…..REALITY! We also finalized the plans for the conference.

I have to say, I’m getting a lot more excited. I see God pulling it all together and implementing His plan in spite of my shortcomings. I knew that would happen but seeing it is so helpful. I’m still nervous about it all but the pendulum is def swinging back to excited!  =o)

4 Responses to “Upcoming Children’s Conference”

  1. Jessica Page said

    Praying for you!! Keeping swinging right along with that pendulum! He will show you Himself in the midst of the changes. Embrace it. He’s in it all!!

  2. Thom Schmit said

    Rebecca, I cannot even put into words how proud I am of you. We are adding you to our list, and will be lifting you up daily. Looking forward to seeing how He uses you this year!

  3. Allison said

    Your comments on TIME are unbelievable! I guess I need to visit Africa so I can learn to slow down and see what God will do to fill the time. I’ve only read your blog 3 times (can I blame time for that?), but it is exciting to see what God is doing for you and through you, so I know I’ll be visiting much more often! Please let me know if there is anything I can help provide or send down with the LBC team (more yarn?). I am praying for you!

  4. Angie said

    I’m so excited for all you are experiencing! 🙂 You corss my mind often, and I pray for you in that moment. Life here is pretty much as it was when you left although K did get his grad school applications all filed. So we are doing more waiting. you know how well i do that! 🙂 But you inspire me with your thougths on oru American ideas on productivity … if there is one theme that seems to keep reoccuring in this “season” it seems to be the waiting and listening one. Sending you loads of love!

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