Our last day at Lukalilli was supposed to be Wednesday the 24th. We had such a great week there and were so excited about our last day. It was to be a day of celebration. We were going to go out one last time and share the Gospel, then we would have a discipleship time and share about baptism. Then, we were going to have a baptism. So exciting!

However, when we reached the turn to Lukalilli, Sunday met us and said someone had been killed the night before. So sad! We found out it was one of the people who had accepted Christ throughout the week. He accepted Christ on Saturday and came forward with his family on Sunday morning to dedicate them and surrender them to God. He wanted God to take care of his family. Little did he know that in just two more days he would be breaking up a fight and get fatally wounded in the process. Think if he’d said, “I’m not ready.” This is a great example of why it’s so important to choose to follow God, NOW. Anything can happen. The time of salvation is now. It’s not tomorrow. It’s not when you get your stuff together. It’s now! I’m SO thankful he recognized that and chose Christ.

Our day of celebration turned to one of earthly mourning. We know he is in heaven now but that doesn’t make it easier for those left behind. We spoke a bit to the few people who showed up. Said our goodbyes and let them go to be with the family. We headed back to the seminary compound. Dima met us at the vehicle and told us we had a new assignment. =o) So off we went to Kobodi. What an odd day this turned out to be! However, about 17 people accepted Christ and got to know their pastor, Andrew. I think there was a young man who might turn out to be a good leader in the church. So exciting!

Thursday was D-Day. I’d been dreading it for a couple days. The team was leaving. Sarah, Andrew and I would be left to continue what we came here for. Seriously, freaking out a bit! That morning we headed to Wudu Market to check it out. Pretty much most of what Andrew and I will need can be found there (except wet wipes).  About 2:00 pm we headed to the airfield with the team and waited for the plane. The weather was iffy and stormy so Samuel, the MAF pilot, didn’t want to wait around too long. So we said a quick goodbye to everyone and headed back to the vehicle to watch them take off. When we got back to the compound, we stood there for a minute looking at each other kind of like, “now what?” But we soon found our legs.

Friday was slower. Sarah and I headed to the compound to use the internet and have a couple meetings. That night I thought to myself, I’m a lot less sad than I thought I’d be. I REALLy expected to lose it a little but so far so good. =o)

We were able to relax on Saturday. We even watched a couple of the movies I brought with me.

Sunday, we were thrown in! Kaya announced from the pulpit that we were here and would be taking the kids out for Sunday school. Good thing I’d prepared something, just in case, eh?  =o)

We did the story of Daniel and the Lions and sang “My God is So Big”. The kids were so cute and loved the hand motions so it was really fun.

One Response to “Lukalilli”

  1. Terry Mills said

    Love it! What amazing things are going on. I can’t imagine how it must feel, but I know you are up to what He has for you. You are in our hearts and prayers. Tony, Terry

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