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Wow! What a week! and boy have I missed the interwebs! Internet is down at “home” and so I am able to get on the web here at the church/seminary compound. It has been a fun week. The other team is about to head out on Thursday. (It is now Tuesday midday)

Here are a couple of posts I’ve written throughout the week but haven’t been able to post:

16 June 2011

Well, peeps. I’m here. What has God gotten me into?! =o)

Seriously, I’m excited and terrified but having my feet back on African soil has leveled out the balance between the two. I remember why I love it here and why God was so easily able to grab my life in this way.

Fun facts about international travel: Even though they say your bags are checked all the way through, when your layover in Paris is only 2 hours and your connecting flight was late so it was more like one hour, your bags don’t make it on the plane! This is something I can deal with because soon enough my stuff will be here and I have a year to get settled. However, I feel so bad for the team because their stuff will get here just in time for them to head back out.

Other than that, our trip was relatively uneventful. No one got left behind in Nairobi. =o) Several times today, I thought to myself, “this is home, now. You aren’t leaving in a week. This is it.” Frightening, isn’t it? But then I get to chatting with Gloria or Kaya or Mawa and I remember again why I love it and that I WANT to be here to make a difference even in some small way.

Jessica was so kind to give up her room for me already. She has been here 4 months and I can tell it was not easy to turn it over to a relative stranger. But she’s such a sweetheart and let me move in right away. If you have a chance, check out her blog. You’ll see why I feel I’ve already learned so much about this kind of work from her without ever having met her.

Today has been a time of rest and getting to know Africa a bit before we jump into the week ahead. I will be working with the team while they are here and getting a feel for children’s ministry during that time. Then, Sarah and I will have time after that to figure out a game plan. I’ll keep ya posted! =o)

I love y’all and thank you so much for your support and prayers. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

More later, dudes!

20 June 2011

Ok, I’m just going to keep writing posts and will post them when I can. The internet is down, here. So you may get 20 posts at once!

This week has been great! I have been going out with the team each day doing evangelism and discipleship at one of the church sites. Our discipleship meeting has been a question and answer format. Surprisingly effective. This site, Lokalilli, is a church plant. We had our first Sunday and had 78 people! Several of whom were people that had accepted Christ during our first couple of days. One of these men, Simon, came to our discipleship meeting the first day. He came straight from drinking. During the meeting he  decided he wanted to accept Christ. The next day, he led my translator and I around to more tukuls! Isn’t that amazing?!?! God is pretty awesome. Also, at that first discipleship meeting, there was a man, Frances, with many good questions. He really was thinking things over and trying to figure his belief out. The next day, he came back and had a few more questions, then said he had made the decision to follow Christ! Seriously, just like that!

The team has been so cool about our missing luggage. They are just sharing what little they have and making do. I’m not faring quite as well but am trying not to show it!  =o)

This has been such a great week but please keep praying for me. I’ve had my moments of doubt and serious fear and (don’t tell mom, she’ll worry) tears. I know God has placed me here and I’m trying to rest in that but there are times….

I haven’t started specifically doing children’s ministry yet but am enjoying the children at my church site. They are so adorable and they love to wave and shake hands with the gelletats (white people)!  I did teach them a couple of songs (Lord’s Army and Allelu-Praise Ye the Lord) and told them the story of Noah. I think I was at least minutely successful. =o)

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll update more later.

21 June 2011

We just finished our first meeting about Children’s Ministry. I’m feeling way more in over my head than even before. It sounds like I will be more an administrator. We will have a 2-day conference on July 2-3rd at which I will share with pastors and CM leaders from each of the churches in the area. Then, I will go visit different churches each day to touch base and gauge how things are going at each site. SO that’s not what I was thinking. Now I’m rethinking strategy and what I need to do my job. As anyone who’s ever been/lived in Africa will know we have this saying, TIA – This is Africa. Meaning, things change in a second and anything can happen.

I hope to update you more later. Luggage today – fingers crossed!  =o)

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