Final days


Well friends, please keep praying for me as I finish the preparations for the trip. It’s going much slower than I had hoped. Unfortunately, I have had a Murphy’s law month or so. The last couple of weeks, ole Murphy has really stepped up his game and pretty much anything that could go wrong has. I’m a little embarrassed to admit its been disheartening and I’ve had second (and third and fourth) thoughts. But you know what? Our God is bigger than all of these things and He can make this all come together in the few days I have before I’m scheduled to leave.

All that to say, please keep praying for me these last few days. (I mean, please keep praying throughout the year, I’m gonna need it!) Pray that I truly lean on God and trust Him to make this all come together. I DEFINITELY can’t make it happen in my strength! Pray for my endurance. I know that sounds crazy when I haven’t even left, yet. But I’m already feeling the need to endure. What is the use of starting for God if you don’t endure until the end? Again, i know this can only be done through His mercy and grace which He’s got buckets of! Right, Crawford? =o)

As before, I ask that you pray for the kids (and adults) I’ll be meeting while I’m there. Pray that God will open their hearts and prepare the way.

Updates: The move went well and I’m crashing at my sister’s place until I leave. So, that is definitely an answer to prayer. As busy and ridiculous as things have been lately, I wasn’t sure I would be ready for the move!  =o)

12 days until I leave! WOW…..

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