Freaking Out


OY VEY! Dudes, it’s really starting to hit me. A year. I’m leaving for a year not very far into the future. Appr. three weeks, really. *hyperventilate*

I don’t feel any kind of ready. I don’t think I ever will, how can you be for something like this? Not to mention, life has been so busy lately I haven’t had time to think about it much or do a lot more preparing.

I’m still working on raising all my funds. If you’re interested in giving toward my trip (one-time or monthly) click on the “Support” tab above and it’ll walk you through it.

I, also, would REALLY like to know if you’re going to be praying for me. I know you’re out there but I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment to this post or email me at

Prayer Requests:

1. That in the next three weeks I can finish any preparations I need to finish to be as ready as possible before I leave.

2. That my move goes well. I’m moving out of my current residence this next week and putting most of my stuff in storage. Please pray that I can get this done in a timely fashion and that all goes well.

3. That the road and the hearts are being prepared before I go. Pray God will empty me of myself and fill me with His Spirit so I will clearly see each next step to take and what He’d have me do so He can receive the glory and kids will learn about Him.

 (In case you’re wondering, 25 days til I leave)  *hyperventilate*

One Response to “Freaking Out”

  1. Jeanne Hultgren said

    Dear Becky Bo…I have decided that is what I will call you now…hehehe. I’ve gotten all caught up on all you’ve posted and darlin’ I must say – I am so ridiculously proud to know you and I WILL PRAY for you (and another cute girl I know heading to Africa next month!) You amaze me that you are putting your foot in the Red Sea and trusting God to part it! I love it! Cannot wait to see and hear all that our AWESOME God will do for you and through you over the next year! You go girl!!

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