The End?


My time here is nearly at an end. I know that does not mean, in any way, that God’s work here is finished or that it is the end of my involvement with this area. However, it is a VERY bittersweet undertaking; this going to my first home. I say first home because this is definitely home, now. I keep trying to envision being in America and not here. It is impossible to imagine. I have put off packing because I don’t want it to be real. I’d rather be packing a small bag for a short time home. I want to see you all so badly! (and eat cheese) But I don’t want to be away from here.

I think of all the people I will miss. Harmony Kaya always is first on my list. She’s my baby! My little sweetheart who won’t even remember me next time I see her. It breaks my heart a little when I think about that. Her parents are next on my list. Kaya and Gloria have taken good care of me. I can’t imagine not hearing Kaya’s laugh (which I am currently hearing from the other room) and seeing that gigantic smile. My translator, Muni, who has been so patient teaching me the language and trying to find my feet in this crazy undertaking. We have taught each other a lot! Dima and his wife Rose who are about the sweetest people I have ever met. Such a loving couple (which is not common here) and a cute little family with such a heart for God and His people. So MANY more people but if I continue with my list I will start bawling! All these people are in my heart and I will carry them with me wherever I go. I know I will see them again in heaven but I pray with ALL  my heart that I will see them again soon on this earth.

There are also Americans that I will miss terribly. The Water Harvest/Mobile Health team has become a second family to Andrew and I. We cook together often (we have visited every continent via food). =o) We made our last meal together last night. Grant, who has so much on his shoulders for such a young guy and is about to get married. Norma who has the biggest heart I’ve ever been in contact with and such great insight into Africa. William makes me laugh so much. Jon who is now a Juba-man and has taken on a TON of responsibility unexpectedly. This family will be so missed!

Don’t even get me started on Andrew. My new brother. It hasn’t really hit me that all these goodbyes will also involve him. I know I’ll see him once more at his wedding but after that, who knows!

Please be praying for me during this time of transition. I CANNOT wait to see you all but I do not want to leave here. I’m so torn internally. Pray that I make it back in a decent state. =o)

Also, be praying for the actual living in America. Coming back will be difficult. I will feel like a small town girl in New York for the first time. Everything will be big and overwhelming and that’s before I actually have to get down to real life! Pray that I truly listen to God for my next step. He brought me this far, I know He will show me the next step but MAN I wish He’d do it sooner than later! =o)

I also want to thank you. I know you’ve been praying. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Thank you for any comments you’ve left here or on Facebook or via my family. Those are my major communication, not just home but period. So, it may have seemed like a small thing to you but to me, it was HUGE. I appreciate it more than I can say or probably even really know.

Thank you for traveling this road with me. Stay tuned for the continuing saga: What will she do next OR What will God do with her? Same bat time, same bat station. . .




Seriously! Where has the time gone? Sunday will mark the one month point. We’ve had a team here and two of them stayed for an extra week to do women’s ministry. In the midst of all that, the Kaya girls came home from school on holiday. They will be here until about a week before I leave. With all of these things, I’ll be home before I know it!

I keep saying I’m of two hearts. I CANNOT wait to see all of you and be home but I don’t want to leave my home and family here. I’m trying really hard not to really think about it, yet.

SO, let me tell you about the last couple of weeks. It’s always refreshing to have American teams here. As I’ve said before, easy conversation is something you learn to value. Also, just having a somewhat similar background makes it easier. It’s great to hear about home and make new friends. Because of all the teams, I now feel as though I have friends I could crash with in California, Pennsylvania and MANY couches to crash on in Texas. I could stay in Texas a month and not stay on the same couch twice! =o)

Anyway, it was great (also, when teams are here we have proper showers, lots of meat and COLD soda – WOO-HOO!) Then, two ladies stayed over for one more week. Jeanne and Patricia. They were SUCH a blessing! They kept saying they planned to visit the women in the churches and I was more than welcome to tag along. At first, I sort of took this as a toss out invite. I was there they felt they had to invite me. But soon I could tell they were very serious and wanted me to come. So I got to revisit three churches I had been to and one new one with the intent to speak to the women. One of the things I wanted to do while I was here that just hasn’t come to fruition was to talk to parents about their responsibility to teach their children about Jesus, God, and the Bible. I finally had the opportunity to do just that in these four places. It was so much fun to see the lightbulbs go on over their heads. Jeanne and Patricia had such encouraging words to share, also. It was a great time of learning and refreshment. For those of you who have been here before and want to know which villages, here they are:

Mekor was the first. They’ve built a long tukul church building that is very nice. Beautiful people and lovely area.

Limi Calvary was the next. They welcomed us warmly. These women are organized! We learned they have a farming coop. The women of the church have a plot of land they farm together. This helps assure that each family will be fed and any extra is saved for seeds for next year or sold to help the church and any needs that might arise amongst them. Isn’t that a great idea?

Lukalilli is one of the places very close to my heart! I have been there now several times. They are a great church that is just a baby one but growing quickly. We had tea and mangoes there. In fact, we had to dodge quite a few mangoes while we were teaching and singing. They kept falling on our heads! (don’t worry mom, no one was hurt) =o)

Aliwa is another lovely church. They have also built a long tukul church building. Sam Ochan is the pastor and built the church himself. He is a busy guy! He is a seminary student finishing his diploma, he pastors Aliwa and disciples at two or three other churches, he teaches Bible in the primary school a couple days a week AND he works with Children in Christ teaching children about God all over this area. (in his spare time, he built one of the most beautiful churches I’ve seen) The ladies here had visited Lukalilli the day before so I used this time to talk about unity and remembering who the real enemy is and to fight him together in a unified front. If you remember this is also what I taught at CYIA. I feel like anywhere there are humans, there is need for teaching on unity! I know I need a constant reminder of it. =o)

So we kicked Jeanne and Patricia out of the country on Tuesday (actually we tearfully and reluctantly let them go). And yesterday I was hit with a major cold so I rested a bit and put my room back in order. It’s amazing what havoc a couple of weeks of constant running and barely touching your space can wreak!

Peeps I’m ready but I’m not. I think that will be my state for quite a while. Even once I’m in my American home.

As I mentioned last time, Andrew just took a trip to Jordan and Israel. On his way back, he stayed in Kampala with a friend of his. His friend had some neighbors over for dinner while Andrew was there. These girls were very excited to meet Andrew because they were heading to KK a couple of weeks later for a very short visit and didn’t really know what to expect. So, they were excited to have another contact there and someone that could give them a quick rundown of the area. He told them all about KK and about what we do here. He gave them our contact information.

A few days later, I got an email from one of the girls. She just wanted to kind of introduce herself before she came but also offer to bring some “supplies” from Kampala if I needed anything. Of course, my answer was a resounding “CHOCOLATE!” =o) She also threw in a quick little small world note. Her cousin knows me and was excited she would be connecting with me. I figured it was some random person I’d met on my travels or some acquaintance from church.

Oh no!

Her cousin is a girl I have been in small group with for several years! How crazy is that!?! I’m telling you, Disney had it right (forgive me for getting this song in your head but) it IS a small world after all!


PS. love it when teams come through. So refreshing!

Two Wednesdays later and I still don’t feel I have a lot to post about. Ok, maybe a couple of events. =o)

Had my birthday. I’m not gonna lie it was HARD to be away from my longtime friends and my family. However, it was fun to celebrate with new friends and Sudanese family. They had a surprise party for me with a cake made by Night and Joyce. I had SPARKLER candles. AWESOME! We sang some hymns and praises. I think all birthdays should include singing hymns with friends! =o)

It was sort of a Murphy’s law birthday, though. If it could go wrong, it did. I’ve never considered myself a control freak but God is teaching more and more that I cannot control anything. He is in control. I have found that I don’t need control over everything like your typical control freak. I just HAVE to have control over a couple of things. These things change with the situation but there are always a couple. Don’t really like this knowledge about me or the difficulty of learning to let go even those.

Easter = Pretty much AWESOME! It was a relatively normal Sunday service. We used hymnals, though. Weird for here but made it feel a bit more like Easter in Troy. =o) It was so celebratory. We didn’t, however, sing my favorite easter hymn – He Arose. “Low in the grave He lay……Up from the grave He arose!” I love it! It FEELS victorious. Many songs sing about Christ rising and are wonderful but that one just feels victorious. Love it! We may not have sung it in church but I was singing it all day in my head. Our savior isn’t still in His grave. He rose again and is preparing a place for you and me. All we have to do is choose Him. That amazes me. He freely offers salvation. Not because of us but because He is amazing. We don’t have to do anything but say yes. Crazy!

After church, Andrew and I went to Water Harvest to help make our Easter feast. We made pork, green pepper, tomato and onion kebabs. We had coleslaw, mashed potaoes and a bunny cake. So good! And it’s always great to hang out there. Everyone was back for Easter (aside from the newly married Stephen). So it was a great group and a great time of fellowship. Love those peeps!

Then I skyped my fam. That was great! Most of them had gone to Mom and Dad’s for Easter. So was able to chat with my folks, sister, niece and nephew AND Grandma and Aunt Kathy who I haven’t talked to since I’ve been here. Such a blessing! My Grandma asked if I have any orders for when I get back and as any good Boaz kid would say, I said salmon patties and creamed peas!

I miss y’all. I mean it when I say all of you. I think about all my friends, church family and family a lot. I may not think of each of you each day but I DO think of each of you and miss you much! Slowly by slowly I’m getting more excited about going home but also more afraid to leave. What if this is it? What if I can’t come back? How can I bear leaving all this behind possibly forever? Ok, better stop typing before I break down completely!

Hope y’all had a great and celebratory Easter!

PS: Don’t forget to do your taxes. =o)

Random Wednesday


I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I don’t feel I have anything interesting to say! =o)

So, I decided it’s time for another random post.

1. Andrew and I have been cooking for ourselves on Sundays for the last few weeks. That has been so much fun! This also means that the last couple of weeks with Andrew gone on R&R, I have been the sole chef on those Sundays. This was a bit intimidating but SO much fun. Cooking here is a bit like going back to Little House on the Prairie days. It’s really fun to experiment and try new ways of making favorites or new dishes altogether. Granted, I think I’d probably lose it if I had to do this everyday but once a week is novel and fun! =o)

2. Speaking of Andrew being on R&R. He’s now an engaged man! I’m so excited for him and his new fiance.

3. Another small world story: I went down the road to a small shop for some supplies for my Sunday meal. On the way back, this lady started talking to me. My standard response to this sort of thing is to be friendly but not really stop walking. Most of the time when a random person here strikes up a conversation its so they can ask for money. So I just don’t really give them the chance. However, there was something different about the way she was conversing with me that made me stop and really chat. She said she was actually a visitor from the states. “Oh, really, where are you from?” “I’m from Kansas City, Missouri.” At which point my jaw dropped onto the dusty road and I said I’m from the KC area. We talked a bit about the hot weather here and the unseasonably hot weather in KC. She was here because her husband is from the area and his mother died. I’m hoping I can connect with her again before they leave in April. How CRAZY is that!!!!?!?! I’m telling you, this world gets smaller and smaller with each passing day!

4. I really hate when Kaya is gone. However, it MAKES me become more self-sufficient and that is a good feeling. I’m still glad when he comes back! =o)

5. I’m starting to seriously freak out about what I will do when I get back to the states. I have some ideas but NOTHING solid by any stretch of the imagination. I also don’t really want to be thinking about it, yet. It keeps me from focusing on the here and now. So, every time I start stressing about something I can’t really do anything about anyway, I look around me and try to imprint these images on my memory. I stop and look at Harmony and giggle with her. (of course this usually makes me sad as I think about not seeing my baby everyday!) All this to say, I’m hoping to take this place with me but also this mindset. Don’t focus on the stuff that God has to handle but focus on what He’s already done for/given to you. This is not new information but it’s been very helpful to me the last couple of weeks. However, I’m not promising this will keep you from being weepy. Just sayin.

6. I really love this place.




Anyone who’s been there knows that Mondikolok is a strange place. It’s one of the bigger markets around and there is just a strange mix of people. It’s a fun place to go! Today, Mondikolok (mone – dee- koh – loke) was on our schedule. However, all the vehicles were either broken down or being used. So, off we went on Johnson’s motorbike. I DO love riding a motorbike! It makes a hot ride much cooler and it’s just more fun. We got there about lunchtime so we stopped at Johnson’s father’s place and they fed us. So nice!

However, while I was waiting for them to be ready, I sat out front of his shop. I had one man walk up to me and tell me he’s a drunkard. I said that’s not good and we had a nice discussion about the pros and cons of drinking. (we = me and a very drunk barely understandable gentleman) Then, a random person that I didn’t recognize but knew my name came up and greeted me and chatted for a bit.

Then came CDS. Oh I have his name memorized. CDS which means Charles Duku Salaam. He had mental problems and repeated the same few phrases over and over again. I kept waiting for him to ask for money but he never did. Just repeated his name and some random joke that I never could quite make out even after hearing it about 20 times. As soon as he left, I started praying for him. I felt like maybe I’d missed an opportunity with him but couldn’t really converse in english.

Well, I got my chance. After we ate (posho and greens with dried fish), we headed over to the church a very small walk away. On the way, we saw CDS. He was sitting across the road from the church. When we arrived at the church, Juma who is the person we’d be chatting with about Bible lessons went to find another person. So Johnson and I just sat in the church and guess who walks up. He repeats his few phrases several times. I don’t really know how to handle these situations because a lot of times drunks or people with mental problems are just ignored. That’s exactly what Johnson was doing. So I followed suit but kept feeling a prompting. One of the things he kept saying was something about the “good situations.” Finally, I decided to jump in and see what would happen. So, I just turned and asked him if he knew Jesus. . . . .nothing……Then, he said he didn’t know how to get the good situations. So, I said the only good situation I know of is Jesus and Johnson translated for me. Pause but then right back into his phrases. I tried a few more times but nothing. Finally, I gave up and thought “God, why did you prompt me to do this when nothing would come of it?” The only answer I have is that He wanted to see if I’d do it. Was I really obedient? Would I do something that was COMPLETELY uncomfortable for me? I have to admit, the struggle in me was the worry that he was actually demon possessed and as soon as I mentioned Jesus he’d become violent. So, maybe God wanted to see if I’d do what he asked even if it frightened me. This is something I tell the kids all the time. We talk about the story of Jonah or David who (in Jonah’s case, eventually) did what God asked even when it was scary. They could have been hurt or killed but they did it anyway. I just finished “The Pastor’s Wife” by Sabina Wurmbrand (I HIGHLY recommend this book) and was SO convicted about the smallness of my faith. Maybe God was just trying to stretch me a bit. I’m glad I was faithful however small it was.

After Juma returned and CDS left, we had a great time discussing the lessons. Juma seems to really understand what we were trying to teach and he is ready to teach someone else. I’m pretty excited about how the day turned out, really.

Oh, I feel the need to add that at no point did I feel unsafe or that Johnson had left me to fend for myself. If I needed him, he was right there. So, don’t worry person who shall remain unnamed but her initials are Sylvia Kathleen Boaz. =o)

A Better Attitude


Thanks everyone for your prayers and your encouraging comments. I have definitely had a better attitude this week despite attacks from Satan. This week has been roller coaster but I think SOMETHING was accomplished for the Kingdom which is good.

We were supposed to go to a place called Morsak on Monday. However, the pastor had forgotten to tell his people so he contacted us on Monday to say they would not be ready but that he could get them ready for the next day. Well, we already had TWO churches scheduled for the next day but we threw another on top, anyway! =o) We were to leave about 9:00 am the next day. However, at about 8:15 am, Johnson showed up with another person on his motorbike and said that overnight his sister-in-law passed away and he was taking his brother to help make arrangements. When Dima found out, he said he’d find someone else to go with me. I thought to myself that I really needed Johnson because this was the first time we’d be going out to talk specifically to Sunday School teachers and we’d discussed already what we’d talk about. I didn’t know if I could bring someone else up to speed in time and what not. Kaya said not to go if I didn’t feel comfortable without Johnson and felt he really needed to be there. So, I did a flash prayer. Was my problem really that I felt Johnson should be there or that I was just nervous and didn’t want to do it? I felt that it was my problem not the situation so, I said let’s roll. We talked to two churches and found out that another was essentially defunct. However, I feel like there are now two churches that know a little more about preparing a Bible lesson just from their own personal Bible reading and that is a big plus! Each time he visits a church, Johnson will be building on this knowledge with other topics like memory verses, music, activities, etc.

The next day, Johnson’s church was on the schedule so that was one more stricken from our list to be rescheduled later. Please be praying for his brother. He has two very small children and doesn’t think he can take care of them. He will most likely give them to the orphanage. This is not uncommon here. But pray that God will provide a way for this family to stay together.

Today, Doris and I held our first Young Ladies Group. We were hoping for girls 14-18 but it ran a bit younger. However, it’s never too early to start learning how to live according to the Bible and not succumbing to peer pressure. Man, Doris was a ROCKSTAR! I essentially just sat back and let her lead. It was like she’d been waiting for someone to suggest this and just needed the support. I’m excited to see where this group goes! We may also start talking in the secondary school. (who knows, we may go to EVERY secondary school!)

Again, thanks for all your prayers. I definitely felt them this week and God helped me with my attitude. I’ve had a couple questions about how I am. I am actually doing very well. I’ve been feeling well and have yet to have a truly bad headache here. (which those of you who know my headaches know how thankful I am for that!) Also, I’ve been doing well emotionally. Aside from my weird desire not to do ministry as discussed last week, I’m doing well. I think part of the problem with ministry is that I’ve somewhat already made my turn toward home. I’m SO not ready for it to be time but I know it’s coming faster and faster. So, I think that turn has made it more difficult to stay HERE in my mind. So, pray that God will continue to work on my heart and mind to remain in the moment here and do the work He’s called me to do. I love the people here and I want to do so much more before I leave.

Ministry, oy


As you know, our ministry has been on hold for a while. No diesel makes it difficult to travel. So we had come up with a new plan. I know this is SHOCKING but that plan was pretty much thrown out the window right before we were going to implement it. I know this is the nature of ministry anyway but it is to the NTH degree here in Africa. So, new plan. Diesel is a bit easier to come by, now, and Kaya wants us to resume going out to churches. Great. So Johnson and I talked about it, he put together a schedule and off we went. One thing I wanted to make clear to each church this time is that I want to meet with leaders not children. I LOVED meeting all the kids and teaching them but didn’t feel like I was accomplishing much. One Bible lesson is not necessarily changing someone’s life forever. However, a teacher that can effectively teach more Bible lessons and truths from the Bible is more likely to effect change. This is why we really need to meet with teachers and make sure they know how to put together a lesson.

We were supposed to begin this week. I say supposed to because we haven’t. So far, there was a funeral in one community, lack of communication in another and no vehicle today. This is pretty normal here. However, I’m getting comfortable with it and often hoping that something happens to keep us from “having” to go out. That’s the ugly truth. My laziness is overriding God’s purpose for me being here. It’s so frustrating to me that I feel this way. And I’m only admitting it hoping that telling you guys will help me begin the process of heart change. Also, it’s something for which I’d like prayer.

Johnson is going to head to our scheduled places on his motorbike, today. They are far enough and rough enough that he doesn’t feel comfortable taking me along but was willing to go without me. This is a good thing to get him more experience teaching people. However, am I just saying that as justification for my relief at not having to go? Probably…..

Pray for me and my slacker self. Pray that I will buck up and be an adult. Pray that I will regain my heart for what is to be done here. And pray that my pathetic attitude won’t affect Johnson and the ministry.


I can’t believe another Monday has come! But here it is. Once again, having a difficult time pulling thoughts together for a proper post. So random it is!

1. I have discovered that sitting around with Bari hymnals and learning to sing the songs is about my favorite way to spend an afternoon. Suzan Poni and Annet like teaching me and I love learning.

2. Having GOOD internet is a blessing. Pretty much since I’ve been here, the internet available has been sketchy, at best. But we have a new modem at home that is giving us great internet. Andrew and I can skype home at the same time and still not have trouble. This is SO wonderful. I’m able to skype America when it’s convenient for both of us. Great!

3. I’m actually starting to get really nervous about going home. I’m excited my time is drawing near and VERY sad every time I think about it. This is home, too. I can’t imagine the possibility of not seeing it again. Also, I’m freaking a bit about what I will do when I get back to America. I will sort of need to, you know, find a job!

4. Also, I probably will never see my new brother again. So weird to think that Andrew, who I eat most of my meals with and discuss the state of the world and how we could fix everything, and I will probably not really ever be in the same place again until heaven. So bizarre!

5. It’s HOT! And I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning. Ya’ll complaining about snow, you. don’t. know! Enjoy it for me and maybe package a bit up for me to enjoy when I come home.  =o)

6. How is it that even living thousands of miles from home, doing something that has been called “brave” by some people, and having stepped COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone, do I still feel like I am living a small life? I’ve been wondering lately if that’s how other missionaries sometimes feel. (still have a hard time calling myself a missionary) Did Hudson Taylor feel that way? Helen Roseveare?

7. There are still several days out of every week that I look around and say “what am I doing? how did I get here? why am I the lucky one that gets to do this? This is stinking AFRICA!”

8. What is going on with y’all? I feel like I’ve been able to keep up relatively well with what is going on in the world, at large. I heard about Whitney, etc. However, I don’t know what’s going on with you. I want to know. Feel free to email me, FB me, tell my family and they’ll pass it along, or however you want to communicate. I’d love to hear from you.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll try to do better about posting now that we have internet at home (but don’t count on it since I’m a slacker)  =o)

Random Monday


Time for another random post. I have been away from ALL forms of communication for 2 weeks. So, let me try to fill you in a bit.

1. Another CEF experience and now I’m more than sure I will be doing more training when I get home and be involved in CEF in some way.

2. One week + 24 teens + training to do 5-day clubs = 900 children reached and more than 400 children putting their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. AMAZING!

3. There’s a team here for all of about 3 days but it’s still nice to have convos with other Americans. (Some of these have been DEEP but edifying)

4. I met many CEF volunteers and workers from Uganda at this training and I am continually amazed at how God can use others to enrich and grow your life. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to writing my post on the subculture of missionaries in Africa but it’s so great to meet and have an instant connection with other missionaries whether they are from other continents or are people from different African countries. I see more and more each day how Christ and His work transcends culture and language. Beautiful…

5. It seems weird that even in South Sudan, it was refreshing to have a couple weeks of being unplugged. Golly, I’m such a techie! I can’t leave it, even here. So a couple weeks of no computer or phone, just worship and growth. Nice

6. JARED! It was so good to see Jared Chasteen and Brian Bain even if it was for about 3 seconds. Brian is a new brother met through e3 and Jared is a long time brother from KC. SO good to see him and pics of his family. YAY!

7. Have I mentioned before how nice it is to have handwritten note? There were notes in my packages and Jared brought a stack of notes from home. I LOVE email and Skype. It’s so great to have instant connection with family and friends. HOWEVER, there is just something about seeing their handwriting. Even if the note doesn’t say a lot, just to see that handwriting….it’s like seeing the person’s heart. Having that with you and being able to re-read…priceless. I am trying to constantly remind myself that when I get home, I will invest more time in handwriting notes to others; especially if they are far from home. It’s truly a treasure.

8. Whenever I teach on Philippians (which I did with the teens this week) I always feel I am passing on a bit of John Crawford. I also cannot teach without giving background on it. It is such a pleasure and a humbling experience to watch lightbulbs go on in someone’s mind when you explain what being of one mind means and sharing the need to be a unified front. John, 24 teens and 18 adults now understand a smidge more about Paul’s letter to the Philippians because of you. Pretty cool, eh?

9. I’m still constantly reminded of my mom when worshipping with the Sudanese. There are so many songs they sing. Old hymns or praise songs that make me think of her singing away while sewing or singing with me while driving to Topeka. They have many of their own songs in Kuku but they also sing things like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the morning… or Showers of Blessing or many others like that. I love you, mama and I love that you filled my childhood with music about our God!

Prayer requests:

1. Keep praying as I switch gears. 1) I’m going to start some weekly children’s clubs. 2) I will be meeting with a church that is near once a week and try to invest in a teacher that can teach children but also other teachers. 3) This is the thing I’m most worried I will fail completely. However, Doris (seed-effect worker) and I are going to start a once a week “chat” with girls 14-18 about life issues. I’m excited but SO nervous. I’m hoping that God can use me in this way to help guide girls that will in turn be guiding a family one day. Boy that’s a lot of pressure. Good thing our God is BIG!

2. Pray for Johnson, my translator. He’s pretty awesome and has a great vision for this ministry. He has already been revisiting the churches we’ve been to, in order to check on them and encourage them. He has a been given a broken motorbike by his father. So pray also that we are able to find the money to get it fixed. This is SUCH an answer to prayer!

3. OMG! I’m down to four months! Pray that I use my time wisely and listen to God and His plan for this time. HOLY COW!!!!